Reasons Behind Gold Prices Decline In 2015

It seems that gold has lost part of its luster, which is considered as a safe haven for investors as gold prices fell to their lowest level in nearly five years, experts These declines attributed to the strength of the dollar in addition to rising US indicators except for the continuation of the effects of Greece’s agreement with its creditors and the implications of the Iranian nuclear deal.

Gold, which has dominated the conversations during the current week and perhaps for a time of time, especially after breaking important technical barrier at $ 1132, on Friday, we saw a drop below this level, but with the levels that we saw on Monday falling almost 5.5%, but what does it mean to move forces we saw gold for the period leaders?
Gold moved from the year 2009 to 2011

Gold saw movement since 2011 after pumping liquidity by the US Federal All it will become expected levels of inflation, but that did not happen. Since that time we have seen a decline in gold prices from new record levels of this highest level was recorded where he witnessed half its value fell by 43%, and this   day Monday, 1088 dollars per ounce of gold.

But does this decline will continue?

Technically somewhat resembled that breaking this barrier (the triangle shown red arrows and vegetables) more declines for gold

The most important reasons for the low rabies gold

– Strength of the US dollar, where he witnessed the July 2015-1436 rise by about 4.5%.

– shares power or European or other contributed to the decline in gold prices as witnessed rising 4.15%.

– Greek agreement Aruban may have contributed in spite of the crisis, Greece did not play a large role in the decline of gold, and this is what puts the questions?

– Western Iranian agreement, it may be one of the causes for the decline in the price of gold as a result of the return of Iranian oil markets Ahlmyh, which means more pressure on the inflationary indicators.

Reasons that may lead to rebound Gold Prices

US Federal hesitation in raising the price of Interest to 50%

Negative data on Iran’s agreement or the issuance of   failure in the application of policies, but that’s up to the completion of the Greek crisis, but it is believed the reason for gold prices rebound.

Iran’s rejection of the US Congress to the agreement, to vote for the veto for Obama did not succeed this vote, may be caused by rebound in gold prices and be relatively few.

Increase China   gold, for the first time since 2009 China declares   of gold, where the thieves to altitudes of about 57% in six years, but it was expected that this stock rise much more because it constitutes about 1.557% of the reserve currency has this amount was not enough.

Precautions major countries

America has a first source 73% of the gold reserves make up 8.1 eight thousand tons.

Germany has gold reserves of 67% and constitutes almost 3.4 tons.

Italy has gold reserves of 65.9% with a 2.45 tons

France, one of the highest gold reserves in Europe, 65.3% with a 2.43 tons

China has gold reserves of the proportion of 1.65% with a 1650 tons.

says metal markets analyst Daniel Preezmn it is not expected to be met gold levels to $ 1,500 for gold soon, we are less confident compared to last if we got to 1200 to $ 1,300 per ounce during the six months the leaders or a year, he urged can be up to 1200 to $ 1,300 per ounce if investors return from speculation and the return of investors in the ETF, and must be Hnakm buying interest from Asia, especially from China and India, if all of these factors have been achieved, it is likely gold up to 1200 to $ 1,300 an ounce per six months or a year at the latest, .

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