Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif And Qatar Gold Price

Souq Waqif is one of the ancient heritage places in the Qatari capital Doha, have been named thus the name given to the old vendors were standing on both sides of the road to display their goods and selling of various products such as spices and cinnamon Kalkmon to fish, clothing, wood etc .

Souq Waqif Famous by sell many of the goods the old traditional crafts, such as daggers, decorative, and designs the ancient heritage of clothes, as well as the finest types of dates, honey .. There is also a market, a number of restaurants that provide local dishes which is famous for the State of Qatar and the Gulf in general, while cafés came Coffee Arab famous, as well as a water pipe, or as some call it shisha, and open the coffee shops always its doors to visitors on the twenty-four hour .. Overall, the peak hours, congestion and standing market are often in periods from 10 pm – 12:00, in addition to the time 4-10 evening.

Souq Waqif offers many musical performances, which includes dances and popular folk festivals, and supervised by the agencies, organizations and cultural heritage in Qatar .. As you can rent a donkey or horse to roam the market and see the ancient heritage features.

And can not visit Souq Waqif without passing the small gold market, that market, which abounds with original gold jewelery, built by a professional and accurate hands, to get out from under their hands cut off and handicrafts golden verse in the beauty .. well advised to pass on the hawks market, watching multiple types and strains of this bird, which is considered one of the most important aspects of country life, where he was and still is used in fishing and hunting operations, which was full of the ancient nomadic life in Qatar.

There is the market center for the arts, which is located next to the French restaurant, this center includes rooms to display works of art at the local and global levels alike, as the center allows patrons training sessions to teach Arabic calligraphy, as well as learn to work Artifact and the inscription on the marble and ceramic .. also features center the existence of a large library with many books and manuscripts that concern interested in knowing the history and geography of the region.

Souq Waqif area also features many of the hotels, which been designed to combine the tradition of the architect of the Islamic art and ancient & modernity of modern comforts and luxury, and perhaps most important of these hotels: Mushaireb Hotel, Jasra Hotel, Ermalh Hotel, Hotel fads, hotel Monitor, hotel upholstery .. also characterized those hotels as gelato professional-high in the provision of old folk heritage dishes.

Finally .. Souq Waqif is one of the most important points of the country’s tourist attractions, heritage due to its importance, the first officials in Doha great importance to the restoration and rehabilitation of those ancient archaeological area, reflecting the tourist role and historical played by the region in the field of tourism in Qatar.

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