Are You A Prospective Dubai Gold Investor? Know the Gold Price in Dubai Today

Today Gold Rate In Kuwait Hit 2 Month High

The price of gold in Kuwait, on Thursday, 12.84 dinars for the 24k, while the price of gold 22k, hit of 11.77 dinars.

The price of gold 21 k was recorded 11.24 dinars, and the price of gold 18k to the amount of 9.63 dinars, while the price of gold 14-caliber was recorded 7.49 dinars.

In a related context, the price of gold 12k of the amount of 6.42 dinars, and reached the price of gold ounces to the amount of 399.47 dinars, while the price of gold pounds recorded 89.92 dinars, and finally recorded the price of a kilogram of gold amount of 12,845 dinars.

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