US stocks plunge gold to the bottom and the experts see keep selling

Gold prices fell sharply during trading last week where on the gold the lowest level in the last four months and was able to break the critical support level at $ 1180 and touches of $ 1174.40 an ounce and the result of good data released by the US which brought investors to their advantage and to trading on the indicators which is achieved record levels of other high-backed Google and Amazon, and even as Microsoft, making the central bank raises the possession of gold.

But analysts and experts continuing decline in the yellow metal prices of precious time, especially with the continued pumping liquidity into the US stock markets, which may make them expect the survival of gold below $ 1,200 an ounce during the current quarter and the quarter next year, and short-term Projections indicate impairment gold even at $ 1150 with the release of Positive data from the US side.

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